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8: Questions on
QA White Lining

Tllzfallawing qnessions mm przsznlell to Mike Manuel, 77ief0"nWi'ny iii-mini-I Wm nmtnmi in Int Mrfilrrzr
wnser/wnsse VV11(2r1IsIm'nl(nun(:( Supzrinlzndtnl, Johnson will Aunnlnd-inri Elmfir Cvwnernlints -ohm mu/I
my w..,,n5,,,,,, Sm,-,,, routinely whit: line lllzir worksilex.

[low long rinse you been wIufe—1mmg your areas of ll0w1°iis7’"wP.>’0n new wine lining your men: of
mn,,n,,n,,_oEnnn,nyenS wnn-Vn been Wm, Johnson any eruzl/altor1’Al ieass swensy yeass. is just inane sense [or our
wn,nngnwn_. gmneg nn nnnn, nnn n,,nn,‘,e ynm nnnm mnstruclion news and she eons.-aesos ioeasing [or ns.

shas we have always ss-ieoi so make she excavation ioeasion

as simple so find as pnssihle. Cm-nmuniralinn hesween she

emonso, and sine ]o[3(cu' ss irnPgnan| so "5, Dmlyau know IA/Im‘e—Immg ss Iequxreri by law {lust/x

some exceptions)’ yes, we understand the importance oi
neens-aseiy identifying ioeasions we will dig.

Dtriyou knaw u//n1e—bmn_s7 75 reqxnred by law (sons. same

Exc9p1ton.r).’ Yes. we sss-ive so comply wish regulatory

requirements. l.r white Immg n company paltry o.,nn somelhmg your

News picked up on (her! own’ is is an ssnwnssen procedure
our guys sonow when designing a project

1s IA/I)t1e—Itnmg n company palrcy Aujxul mmef/xmg your crew:

picked up on their own.’ The cisy oi Johnson City s-enniees

\sVal2rSew2r Services so have whise mas-king in place when I! there n rpm/it person who tr In-won-iib19fi7i' w’iii9'1iinn9
calling in our sis siekess. The markings dis-eesly eonnsnnniease or tr 11 handled by whoever happen! I0 be '/iefirsi PP’-“"1 In
she proposed exravation and is more prerise shan a verbal I/ml me nle’ Our slaking seehnieians are required so mark
desrriplinn os the work  an locations we win -no

Is there I] specsfit perm" win) 75 respanstblefu IA/I)t1e—Itrnn_s7 Do you have u rpeofir meihorlfiu wlureiinmsz in is run-if
or IS 71 Imrxdled by whoever lmppens to be I/xefisirr person so comma» sense tuned an the Iommm and work? we have
mm the 5119.” Our supervisors and leadership seans nesnhei-s a specific method: poles and authors are staked and read
normally do she whiseiining sinee shey usually as-e she nsss edge is painted white showing pale number and interim:
so respond. They evaluale she ioeasion, mark she area and underground table and mnduit is marked indicating wi-ere
make so she call so Sn. it is to be installed.

D0 yml /ml/9 o speufic merlmrifor w/n(e—1mmg or 75 7! pm Do you r/unk whire—1nuug help: with the ncruincv nnrl
eosnmon sense based on the zoennon Amrl wm'1:’We try so timeliness o/‘utility murkmyr on n lomie mine-<r’C1enr1y
nsainsain standardized work producl and mark peeeiseiy showing where you intend to dig not only improves

win. we neon arcuraty, is lakes sine gness work away rsom she oshes

localors as weu.

Do yam [hulk w/x119—Immg help: will) use accm'ncyanr1

mneltnen ofulsluy markmgs on is some 124711951.’ Absolutely, VWHU snggesssons do you /Jrureflu ollier utility compizmes
,n mun cam wnnenning n mnnn nnnnnn ,nnn ,1“ mnns o, ettnx/(mus who may no! be sure that while mnrkmgi are
nese,s,,ss.,n as nse wosk a,e_.,_ worlh then‘ Mme’ The amnunt of sinse required so mark

your dig sise is so small when ynu rompers againss having
so make an extra trip so she sise so slmw someone where ynu

vwnn suggemons do ya“ have fin" ol/xer u11Iuycompame.r intend to dig- .

orercnm1Im'.r who may no! be sine srnn u/lure mat/(mg: ns-e

wort]! their nine.» Maps and descriptions of whese a ioense is

needed are never isesses than a sise evalualion wish whiur

iine marking. is nnlylakes a row extra sninnses so make

excavating sases ion isosh emplnyees and she publir.

15- Yzrvvuseesll 202a,issue2

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