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Utilitg Contractors Rallg Around
Their Own in Wake of Tragedg
NUCA Middle Tennessee helped raise nearly $2iooofor ‘I/'lC[lJnS ofthe storm

By Michael Downes
evastating stortns ravaged "\’Ve talked ahottt what we could do to Stansell Electric had two families
West and Middle Tennessee raise funds and make sure the money affected. Chris Jordan and Gary
on Marsh 23, killing 26 and gets intt: the right hands," Jttda said. Knight. Chris and his family lost their
injuring more than 300, “Not just a general end, but  wanted apamnsnl mot and suirered need

as several tomadees touched down it In benefit someone in our association damage, but they were not hurt. Gar-ys
overnight in an are crossing nearly the intpacted directly, or in the utility he-ms sollapssd around his Wifs and
entire state. constrttetion industry. Family firsli daughter while he was out or town
Many employees tompanies in: W fjgilv 13%" sgs fjffi :;i:;;;;;;:,:is;;:;::;;‘,‘s ‘"“"i W“
otthe National Utility contractor's ;’ ‘.‘f“‘'“g ‘3 ““ “3‘°““ “ ‘ ' 3’ '

Association at Middle Tennessee were 3”‘ Y‘ Finally, Melinda watts, a sayear

in the path or the storms, including the chapter President Matt sent an ernail to employee at care Supply, and her
associations execntive director Juda rnernher cotnpanies asking it anyhody husband were unlwarmzd as their home
llamby, who in the aftermath headed had suffered a loss as a result olthe Eollapsecl around them.

tip an eitort to provide relief to those storrns. The replies were heanhreaking. .5119 was back in ‘he the mg ml flax
“"""V s““‘"‘ ‘W “" s‘°"'“- Then their focus go.   twins to her: Jude said. "But they
"Tornadoes hit close to my horne, ahottt And more personal. said, ‘Let's help yon instead. '

"‘ mu“ f"’"‘ "V 1"°‘T":,‘ W“ 5°.’°“"’°d Judas rnother, Viltlti consiglio,

‘°" ’"" W‘ ‘“Y ‘*'*‘“"Y~ -"‘d“ “‘d- executive director or Georgia Utility
-mter the storms. 1 reached out to the Cummoys Amdmon mu m B
P"“d°“‘ °‘ °“" ‘1“P‘°"i M3“ M‘“E“‘i proposal to their hoard or diregclctrs

‘° 5°“ “’1T“‘.?”” ‘°“” d° ‘° “*1” °“’ to challenge tnernher organisations to
°°‘“‘““““Y- donate hands to those in the NUCA
This was the first major disaster for Middle Tennessee family who were
NUCA Middle Tennessee, a relatively afizctsd.

yonng chapter tonnded in late 2013. NH“ Mid“? Tmmm did the Sam
Made up or 45 companies that provide k.‘ h _ . . d '
“sdsrsmund “NW ssmsss msludms $tooo or another appropriate amount
‘°‘“‘“““‘°“i °“1““P"‘““i '"“‘““‘5' toward the efions \mcA or Colorado‘
insurance and utility providers, the also mm__iWEd (;)’‘1“ (am

gronp was ready to rally around their ’
cotntnttnity — and their wortters, Four tarnilies connected to NUCA cornhined, the groups raised nearly
The gmpys Hm mum was to mu up Middle Tennessee were aitected hy the aasnoct, which was split evenly atnong

_ _ tornadoes. All tonr lost property. one the four iatnthes.

their slsevss and as! -0 work slsanms lost several farnilv rnernhers. But the

dehris in the airected towns. But due organimm set gm in make Sm my “Each tarnily currently has moss to
to an Dlllpouring or support irotn did my 1059 him help with relief eitorts, which is huge;
neighhoring states the jobs were all Jnda said. “They were ernotional and
covered, and vohtnteers were soon Totnrny cttnis. superintendent at Clary speechless. But that's what its ahottt
being iiimad away cottstrttction was hardest hit. tie lost — helping people when sontething

his hrother and nephew to the storm. happens to your cotnrnttnitv. were all

Shortly aftsrt s sswnd unprsssdsmsd and his sisterin—law was still in the in this together and we want to he the
WM swslnt llws nation T sis)/11'1"“?-Is hospital at the time of the interview. llis are. to lqglp - ‘

orders dus to the U0V|D19 P3“d‘3"‘i‘- rather lost his home hnt rnanaged to '

That cotnplicated an already dimcnlt swim while it will he ntonths before things
cleanup situation and led to the return to nermal in Middle Tennessee
,gg.,gia.ic.,, again p..v_.,ii._.,.i,,g iiiaip “They setup a GoFundMe through the — and some families will never he
apP_Wi, ii, imiping in ii“ wake D; .i,, constrttction cornpany and were raising the sarne — tonr families know they
tragedy. tnoney. we wanted to help as well; she have an extended ntility constrnction

said. tarnily that has their back when tragedy

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