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HOW DO I """"‘
‘ I  k  1 O Dllllage Protection, Flsl, Easy, and Accurate!
. - Oren: detailed oress nore iuspeotien records
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Public Awareness Manage!
,e,mms,, - internai oauorouon checking
Eva you Sam. .1“ ..Pd3.a.i can pagapa yc... Digv Lonauhnmcd ru.n.s mzrkevhalis 
tagiine that reads "Call or ciieir su Reiore You ;:j_:3‘;;V5"Vj;":fi;f_;m;°‘3""“
Dig"? it's a reruinder that you ran noiiiy ntiiities
of your intent to excavale without rnairing a phone

eaii. You may he surprised to iearn ihat more ihan 4o pereent

oi Ihe ioeate requesls we reeeived in 201g didn't slarl with

a phone eaii — they started with a click! You can eiiek Eu. ‘

meaning enter a tiehei oniine. through our rnohiie app or on

your eornputer. It’: a good way In avoid hoid tirnes during our

eaii renters peak hours and the oniy way to suhrnit a norrnai

ioeate request ontside of our newiy adopred husiness hours ‘“";g;';;-f_':"f;_';'"°;_; :;;*m'_m:“c§'m':A;A2 5:3;-mfg; 
(Ea—Gp centrai, Monday through Friday excluding holidays]. ..,,_...,.c,,,..,_ M... .,....y W...

There are two melhods of online iieket entry In ehoose (ram.  
depending on your useease. it you re new Io oniine tieirei

entry or don't usnaiiy ran in many iieirets in a singie sitting. Cuvpnrnllun he um?
you may he interesied in whal we ran “ErTirket.' its sirnpie .'I2510lcmllS|mu| rare... aooasassre Em-ii sallifivxmlmm
and iast Io register ior aeeess to the ErTirket systern and 5*‘-°‘=" °“'5“5‘ W‘ W" """“="““" -=~um=n-mm-W
you can start suhrnitting new locale requests in a matter

of minutes. Titkets submilled via E—TickeI are reviewed

by agenrs in our eaii renter heiore ihey are transrnitred to

rnernher uriiities and youii get an ernaii confinnation as soon

as eaeh tiehei is approved.

The other inethod of oniine iieiret entry is a lillle rnore

invoived, hnt its a good fit for ereavators who eilher eaii in a

large volume ornew tickets at a lime or update a signifitanl B O A R DWA L K

nnrnher of exisling tieheis at a tirne. we eaii this approaeh

"Portal Enlry' or "Remote Ticket Entry‘ [RTE for shortj. RTE

requires iraining before you hegin, hut you ean train yourseii

on yonr own iirne with onr video tutoriais and oniine guide.

If you d preier io train with our RTE iearn rhrongh a weh

rneeting. we'll he happy to rnaire thai happen. and we ran even

set up gronp eiasses if you want In taire eare or more ihan one so

 from your company at a  Pl PEU N E PA RTN ER5

You could say that excavators nsing RTE are the power users

or Ihe 811 systern in Tennessee — ihere are rnore Ihan Luau

individuals registered in Ihe tool and we're currenlly seeing r . . t

 than 300   on a ...,..n. basis. so. enape 5.°;"5';;;'eg,§b<,>P§;3g_f'r;§"p:n*;§;;§
Tearn construetions Jackson cooir was responsihie for 11.278 nd ' ' .d, e be h. hp ‘F I F

(95%) or Ihe rim ioeates his eornpany requested iast year 3 W0" "'9' *9 _9S We 0

and 11,246 oi those were suhrnitted oniine. with an average of ¢U5‘°"\€' 5¢fV|<€»

rnore than 900 tiehets per month. Jackson definitely qualifies

as one of those power users. Learn more ahout Jaehson and

why RTE is his preierred rnethod oi tieiret eniry on page 12. ,

To learn ruore ahoui oniine iieirei entry, visii wwu/ W

and t1itk“ErTickel' or “Remote Titket Entry’ in Ilwe excavator R‘
‘*“°P“°‘"“- C lialuu-mun

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